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Today I’m Trying… Harlequin Pumpkins

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One thing you will find is that cooking is something I absolutely love doing. I find it therapeutic, and while for most the prospect of coming home after a long day and firing up the hob brings on a feeling of dread, for me it’s what helps me unwind. Well that… and I’m an even bigger fan of eating so the two kind of go hand in hand.

I’m not normally one for New Year’s resolutions (yes I am aware it is November – bear with me) but after tending to cook the same thing time after time for dinner and having shelves full of recipe books I never used, at the start of this year I resolved to cook with more variety. The plan was that once a week – usually a Tuesday – I would either make a dish from a recipe book (no short cuts allowed) or I would cook with an ingredient I had never used before.

Today the harlequin pumpkin took centre stage and my dish was a warming lamb and butter bean stew…


First things first, I roasted the pumpkin in the oven with some garlic and rosemary oil and then got working on my stew which had lamb, swede, parsnip, carrots, mushrooms, butter beans, onion, garlic, red wine, stock and loads of mint. It was quick and easy to make – after frying off the onion and garlic and browning the meat everything just simmered away on the hob until it was ready. Best of all, there were no complex carbs in there so it was pretty much guilt free!




tomato and beans

lamb and butter bean stew

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