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Today I’m Trying… Coast Press Day AW14

One of the best things about my job? Every now and then I get invited to go along to brand press days and see all of the lovely things coming up for next season.

The latest one I went to was the Coast AW14 day which made me wish I had a hundred parties to go to so that I could wear all of the beautiful dresses they will be putting in store this autumn.

As far as I’m concerned, when it comes to clothes, the more glitter and sequins there are the better. Especially when it comes to Christmas party wear. I don’t necessarily have the guts to wear it all but I definitely like pretending it’s something I can pull off and Coast did not disappoint with their latest collection.

The range was packed with lovely full skirts and stunning floor length dresses but they also managed to pack in some great day wear too which I haven’t seen that much of from them before. I always associate the store purely with occasion dressing but it was nice to see a different side to them and I will definitely now be going in to look for more than just what to wear to the next wedding!

Coast press day 8

Coast press day 6

Coast press day 5

Coast press day 2

Coast press day 1

Coast press day 4

Coast press day 3

Coast press day 7

I couldn’t resist putting this last picture in. I sometimes wish I could finish all posts with a picture of pugs and French bull dogs!



Today I’m Trying… Patterned Trousers

You wouldn’t think it looking out the window today, but over the last couple of weeks, the days have been getting warmer and I’m pretty sure it was still light at nearly 9pm yesterday which proves that the start of summer is finally upon us.

Well it was until it started tipping it down again.

Aside from barbeques and drinking in beer gardens, one of the things I like most about summer is the clothes. Those sizzling 18° days have meant I have at last been able to ditch my winter coat and started wearing colour again.

Don’t get me wrong, I never move entirely away from black which I generally need to get me through Mondays but when the sun’s out I do get a little more adventurous.

Speaking of adventurous, to some, patterned trousers have just become a way of life. They have fully embraced them and wear them with confidence while I have been waiting for the pair I finally feel comfortable in.

Luckily, before the trend completely passed me by I found this blue pair from H&M (£14!!) and before the sun went back into hiding this weekend I tried them out with a matching blue top and a pair of heeled sandals. Then I went and found a yellow field to take photos in front of… obviously.

Patterned trousers 5

Patterned trousers 4

Patterned trousers 3

Patterned trousers 2

Patterned trousers 1


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Today I’m Trying… The Good Life – Part 1

Since I was small I’ve always loved growing stuff.

Generally I just got a corner of the balcony and a solitary grow bag for my endeavours that the cat would always grace with his business. Gross I know. But I’ve tried my hand at everything from tomatoes to Christmas trees… on a very small scale.

Since getting my own garden I have been chomping at the bit to have a slice of the good life and finishing all the lanscaping I wanted to last year means that this spring I’m ready to go.

We’ve put in a raised bed which I’ve filled with compost and all my seedlings are nearly ready to plant out.

I’m so excited about this but as I’ve always been into it I just think I must have been born old.

On the list are 4 types of tomoatoes, 4 types of peppers, chillies, carrots, butternut squash, courgettes, peas, cabbages and garlic.

When you write it out it does sound like a lot but I tried not to get too carried away and have just planted the things that I actually eat regularly… and have space for.

I will be putting up an update when things actually start to grow so hopefully it doesn’t all end in some slug infested disaster!

Good life 3


My raised bed ready for planting.

Good life 2

Good life 1




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Today I’m Trying… Stuffed Aubergines

My sister is a vegetarian.

This a fact. Probably one that I’ve mentioned before but, nonetheless, one that I still haven’t come to terms with 10 years later.

On the plus side, when she comes round for dinner it does mean I have to think a bit more creatively about what I’m going to make her so that she doesn’t end up with some form of puff pastry tart… again.

On today’s menu – aubergine stuffed with goat’s cheese, shallots, chilli and garlic. The obvious choice for a meat alternative for a roast. Well maybe.

After carefully hollowing out the aubergine, you pop the shells in the oven for 15 minutes while cooking off the rest of the aubergine with the garlic, chilli and shallots. Once they’re done, you put them in the blender with the cheese and some bread crumbs to form a paste.

Aubergine 1

Aubergine 2


When the shells are ready you take them out and fill them with the paste, top with parmesan and put them back in the oven to crispen up for 10 – 15 minutes.

Aubergine 3

Aubergine 4

Aubergine 5


And that, as they say, is that. An easy way to do something slightly different for your vegetarian dinner guests:)

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Today I’m Trying… Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I don’t get to the theatre often enough, but I suppose it does mean when I go I enjoy it all the more.

My latest was with the family to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels with Robert Lindsay and Rufus Hound.


After a shaky start I realised that it really was a comedy and it wasn’t going to rely entirely on the quality of Robert Linday’s voice. Thankfully.

It was actually pretty good.

The cast were entertaining and all in all it was a really fun production that didn’t take itself too seriously.

If you’re stuck for something to see then it’s definitely worth a trip. My mum and I certainly enjoyed it as you can see!



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