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Today I’m Trying… Patty and Bun

You may have noticed that I’m into burgers. Who isn’t?

There is no need to judge. I am perfectly well aware that my love of burgers and pulled pork and ribs and steaks and all other american style foods is probably all down to subconciously following a food trend. The truth is, I just don’t care. I want the burgers.

My friend Lucy is in the same boat, so when we decided to meet for dinner we obviously had to continue our burger tour of the capital and went to the next place on the hit list, Patty and Bun.

patty and bun 6

It was GOOD.

The place is small so you have to get there early or queue. We did the former so pretty much went straight in and got started with some rum and ginger ales. Based on this experience, I will probably only be mixing rum with ginger ale for the foreseeable future.

patty and bun 5

Then the food came. I had the Jose Jose burger which is full of chillis, chorizo and melted cheese and is just great. But actually the stars for me were the chicken wings – a bowl of sticky, sweet chicken delights! Obviously we had chips.

patty and bun 4

patty and bun 3

Not quite ready to leave we ordered one each of the choc ices. One peanut butter and the other salt caramel. They were nice and if you need something sweet go for the salt caramel one but you won’t be missing much if you don’t have one. Just get another burger if you’re still hungry!

patty and bun 2

patty and bun 1

I’d probably give it an 8/10 so definitely up there but I think there is still better to be had. The search continues!

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Today I’m Trying… Sticky Kickin Chicken

Time for another recipe night masterpiece.

Jamie’s (Yes – him again) Sticky Kickin Chicken.

I can’t get enough of the 15 Minute Meals cook book. There are so many things in there that I want to eat that you’ll probably find I come back to it a LOT. The truth is there’s pretty much something on every page I want and to be honest, they are all ludicrously easy and damn fast to make.

With friends coming over for a bit of school night supper I wanted to make something a little different but meant I could spend more time nursing a large Malbec than assembling culinary genius. So Kickin Chicken it was.

sticky chicken 3

The recipe calls for chicken thighs rather than breast and that’s a great. They just taste better. And once you’ve coated them in five spice, fried them and drowned them in sweet chilli sauce and sesame seeds… well they’re just good. Finger licking good you could say.

sticky chicken 2

You serve the chicken with a noodle, baby gem and radish salad with some of the noodles crunchy for texture and add in lots of chopped mint and coriander. Jamie, in his wisdom, suggests that you add watermelon to the salad too but as I categorically disagree with watermelon I swapped in some sweet apple instead. You finish off the salad with a soy, ginger and chilli dressing and you’re done. Dinner is ready.

sticky chicken 4

sticky chicken 5

sticky chicken 1

Super quick. Relatively healthy. Delicious.

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Today I’m Trying… The Experimental Cocktail Club

What, you might ask, is better than going out for a cocktail?

Well, going out for an extremely pretentious, hipster cocktail of course!

As much as I love to sigh and roll my eyes at people flocking to the new “it” bars and restaurants and queuing for hours for that elusive burger, the truth is that if you offer me a secret door in China Town behind which is some fabulous recession era decor and a smoked foam top to my drink I just can’t resist it.

I admit it. I am a sheep.

The Experimental Cocktail Club (or ECC) is just such a place that I went to with my cousin and I loved it. Being able to get in without a booking was a thrill in itself but the drinks didn’t dissapoint either.

experimental cocktail club 4

The elusive secret door on Gerard Street.

experimental cocktail club 5

I can’t actually remember what I had because the mixes were so random I just can’t recall them. All I know is they were good and at one point I was drinking clear liquid that tasted like milk… in a good way!

experimental cocktail club 7

experimental cocktail club 6

The drinks aren’t cheap but if you can get in or get a booking it’s a great place to start the evening.

Being in China Town, it seemed rude not to get some noodles afterwards. So we did. And some pork belly. And some lamb skewers. Etc.

experimental cocktail club 3

experimental cocktail club 2

experimental cocktail club 1

Then we rolled home :)

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Today I’m Trying… Bread and Butter Pudding

Throwing away cake is a very hard thing to do.

In fact, it’s nigh on impossible.

So what do you do when you still have the vast majority of a fruit bread/ cake thing that you have no intention of consuming in its current incarnation?

Well clearly you deliberate for a few days until it has started to go a bit stale and then acknowledge that there is no finer fate for this relatively unappealing afternoon snack than to be transformed into something truly delicious.

Bread and butter pudding.

The undisputed king of winter pudding feasts.

The best thing about it is that it’s so very easy to make. All you need (aside from your bread cake) is butter, milk, cream, egg, sugar and a little bit of cinnamon.

bread and butter pudding 6

bread and butter pudding 5

Slice up and butter your bread and then arrange it in an ovenproof dish. Then simply mix the rest of the ingredients together before pouring over your bread and putting the whole lot in the oven for half an hour.

bread and butter pudding 3

bread and butter pudding 4

And that’s literally it. The only thing that improves the whole experience is then dousing your pudding in yet more cream and sitting down with it in front of True Detective – which, by the way, if you haven’t started watching, you MUST.

bread and butter pudding 2

bread and butter pudding 1


Enjoy! :)

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Today I’m Trying… New Kicks

Today we¬†finally¬†had a break in the clouds and dear lord was it welcome. For the first time in what seemed like months I actually looked up while I was walking and wasn’t whipped around the face by a stray strand of hair that rendered me blind.

With family visiting and an immense roast dinner consumed we decided to go for a little stroll in the sun to walk off our yorkshire puddings. Best of all, the respite from the driving rain meant that I could try out my brand new trainers which I am absolutely in love with.

spring 5

We headed up to Wimbledon Common and went through the lovely park at Cannizaro House where we were met with carpets of little purple crocuses which proved that spring is officially on its way. Hoorah!

spring 9

spring 10

I’ve been thinking about getting a pair of this style of trainers for a little while and wasn’t sure if I was quite cool enough but when I was wondering around Nike Town at Oxford Circus I couldn’t help myself and took the plunge. I’m pleased as punch I did because I walked around all day with that happy feeling which was topped up every time I looked down at my feet.

spring 6

spring 3

spring 4

Very happy walkers in the sun!

spring 2


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